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Venice Yacht Charter

Make Venice the Spot for Your Next Sailing Holiday!

Venice (Italian: Venezia), known as the "Queen of the Adriatic," "City of Water," "City of Masks," "City of Bridges," "City of Canals" and other nicknames, is the capital of the Veneto region.

Situated in northeastern Italy, it lies on an archipelago of 118 small islands in the crescent-shaped Laguna Veneta (Venice Lagoon), which stretches around 51 km from Jesolo in the north to Chioggia at the southern end. These islands are separated by canals and linked by 400 bridges - and the Lagoon and a part of the city are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The buildings of Venice are constructed on closely spaced wooden piles made from trunks of alder trees which have been submersed for centuries.

Get to Know Some Practical Boat Charter Tips

Venice has a humid subtropical climate with very warm summers, which makes it a popular tourist sailing destination.

One of the most important seaports in the Mediterranean, the Port of Venice (Venezia Terminal Passeggeri) is a place where you can board your motor-powered boat and experience the beauty of some of the 200 canals and its marvellous buildings and palaces. Other nearby ports are the parish of Mendigola and Port Marghera, while Darsena dell'Orologio - Caorle is an ideal base for chartering yachts.

Another practical boating tip: it's getting increasingly popular to sail Adriatic from Venice to Croatia and back, which makes for an unforgettable sailing adventure.

What to See and Do in Venice While on Your Sailing Trip

The city is famous for its art and architecture, especially its Venetian glass- ornate glass-work, world-known for being colourful, elaborate, and skilfully made. Board your charter yacht and see the Murano glass production in Murano and lace production in Burano. Sail around Caorle, Malamocco, and Torcello and experience the beauty of other small island settlements.

There are numerous attractions in and around Venice, such as St Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco, as well as the fashionable seaside resort Lido di Venezia. Stop your boat and enjoy a coffee in the Danieli Hotel and the celebrated Caffe Florian; buy a souvenir in the souvenir and carnival mask shops alongside the narrow streets from the Rialto bridge to the Piazza San Marco. Visit the ancient Carnival during February. Stop for the Biennale, an international gathering of art, architecture, film, dance, music, and theatre festivals. Experience the world-known Venice International Film Festival which takes place every September. Beautiful Venetian churches with their ornate facades and the scent of history and the mixture of traditional and modern architecture all over this beautiful city make Venice a truly wonderful yachting stop.

So make your sailing holiday more romantic and experience lovely Venezia!

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