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5 key yacht charter request questions

Short on time? Send us a detailed charter request and we will search for you!
You can’t find exactly what you are looking for, search for specific dates or just don’t have time to search our yacht finder? Send us a detailed yacht charter request and an offer for most suitable boats will be waiting for you in your inbox in no time! 

In order to send the best possible offer, we need to have answers to few important questions:

 Where would you like to sail? (If you don’t know the exact marina write a larger area you would generally like to see; if you want us to search a boat in two larger areas, please write which one you prefer of the two.)
2. What type of charter boat are you searching for? (Sailing boat, motor boat, catamaran, luxury yacht, gulet; bareboat or crewed boat.)
3. Preferences regarding the boat? (The more info you give, the better; specific manufacturer, type of sails, specific equipment you would like to have, newer or older model, economic price…you can also write down characteristics that you definitely want to avoid.)
4. How many person you are/size of the boat you are looking for? (Please write down both, we will have a clearer picture of what you want in general.)
5. Budget range? (It will help us eliminate too expensive boats, or economic boats if you are looking for luxury ones. Have in mind that we will always search for the best offers in terms of newest built year/good price price/good equipment ratio, you just need to be realistic when setting the budget to help us form the offer you would like to get.)

If you can provide any additional information it can only be helpful, so feel free to write everything down.

So, what are you waiting for? Send a request and help us help you.