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Yacht charter conditions

yacht charter

Yacht charter conditions and contract

MiramoClub is Internet Agency, which concludes yacht charter contracts with Clients on behalf of Charter Companies. The offered charter boats on MiramoClub web page belong to different Charter Companies, therefore every boat in our offer has its individual charter conditions, as all Charter Companies have their own charter contracts. After choosing a specific boat that interests you, you will be able to read detailed conditions of the charter. These charter conditions are authorized by Charter Company and cannot be modified.

Safety deposit

Prior to the embarkation, Client is obliged to pay a safety deposit for the boat to the Charter Company. The deposit is calculated in accordance with the length/value of the charter boat and its insurance policy. The deposit can usually be paid in cash or by credit card, and will be reimbursed to the Client in full amount only if there is no damage, late return, report of potential damage made by third party during usage of the boat, etc. Otherwise, the Charter Company will retain the part of the deposit, equal to the cost of the damage. 

Yacht charter price

 Yacht charter price usually includes charter of a boat with standard equipment, and excludes costs incurred relating to domicile marinas (parking, berth, etc.), fuel, skipper/hostess service (except for crewed charter yachts) and the costs of other optional or obligatory services. Most usual obligatory service is “transit log” or “charter pack” (every Charter Company has its own name) which most likely includes end cleaning, bed linen and diver inspection (again, its content varies depending on Charter Company).

Deposit insurance

Some Charter Companies offer deposit insurance; usually in form "non-refundable + refundable". That means that you will pay a non-refundable sum (around 10% of safety deposit amount) and leave a "small refundable deposit", which will be reimbursed in case no damage has been made. If the damage exists, procedure is the same as for the full deposit, but you are liable only up to that smaller amount. If deposit insurance is offered in "non refundable" form, as a single payment, your liability for potential damages is covered by that amount and that's it.

Payment due dates

Yacht charter has one standard rule; it is fully paid in advance. Payments can usually be done in 2 installments, first one upon reservation, and second one not later than 30-45 days prior to charter period. Once the full charter payment has been received, Client receives a voucher needed to take over the boat.


If the Client and his crew have any complaints during the boat charter period, they should inform the Charter company and MiramoClub about it, who will endeavor to resolve any problems. After the charter period has ended, only written complaints signed by both parties at the check out will be taken into consideration.

Parts of the yacht charter contract

In general, yacht charter contracts are a summary of charter conditions which regulate all essential parts of boat charter; obligations and rights of both Client and Charter Company, methods of payment, safety deposit, conditions of charter cancellation, complaints etc. Yacht charter conditions of different Charter Companies are basically quite similar; differences usually vary in exact due dates, heights of penalties and deposit (but still remain in narrow range) or different safety deposit rules regarding boats equipment.

Rights and obligations

All rights and obligations between Client and Charter Company are regulated by yacht charter contract, therefore it is very important and highly recommended to read and understand it fully, in order to avoid any unwanted disputes.