Being the head of the company and trying to be original in organizing some bonding activity that will bring your people together is a challenging task. Hiking, camping or biking are pretty fun activities but you have done all of that already, and now you feel like you need something more? Be a leader that thinks out of the box and bring your team to a sailing adventure!

The best way to test people’s boundaries, in general, is to put them in an unfamiliar environment. And you might be very interested to know what limitations or hidden strengths your team has got. Sailing is full of dynamic and challenging situations; here is where the intelligence and creativity come to the surface. Sea, wind, sun, rain, waves and constant change of external influences, will make an exciting atmosphere where everyone will enjoy and also be able to learn.

Good cooperation and common way of thinking are the very essences of sailing, and the situation is quite similar at our workplace - the team has to be very well established to get things done. No matter how many different personalities you have in your staff, sailing is a kind of sport where all person types will come to the fore: initiators, leaders, organizers, analytics, creatives. Everyone will find their particular role on board; one will steer the boat, the other one will pull the rope, some of them will help to tie the knots or pull the anchor up and so on.

However, the new level of teamwork is not the only benefit you will provide for your employees; let us talk about "getting back to the roots" and getting off WIFI for a bit. Lately, we are all focused on our gadgets and social networks that we forgot just how fun it was when we used to talk and laugh for hours, retelling funny stories. Well, the atmosphere on a sailing boat is just ideal for this kind of bonding. The soothing sound of waves and the scent of the sea will create an informal and relaxing atmosphere that evokes positive vibes in people. Office colleagues will finally have the time to talk and, if necessary, resolve all the misunderstandings that might have happened in the office.

Even if some people from your team already know how to sail and the other ones don’t, there’s no worry. After just a few days of sailing everyone will feel comfortable, and in no time they will gain confidence for moving around the sailboat and even for steering it. There is much work to be done to keep the boat sailing, so by the end of the trip; people will all learn to communicate better, cooperate closely and rely on each other more. At the same time, there is nothing to worry about because your charter boat will have a skipper who will provide overall safety during your whole stay on board.


- charter sailing boats with four or five cabins if possible; if you rent smaller yachts people will be divided into too many small groups and the effect of "team building" will be lost

- you might also consider renting catamarans as they are more spacious and comfortable; especially if the people on board are not very close in the beginning, they will have more personal space than on a regular sailboat

- before your trip starts, divide people into teams, arrange them, so they know who exactly is accommodated in which boat

- if anyone from your group knows how to play guitar, it would be great to bring it; also bring some good music so you can play it on mp3 or CD player, cards or board games

Don't waste any more time; if you feel like sailing team building is the right thing for your company, send us your inquiry - we will be happy to organize it for you and send some itinerary suggestions!