Most of us, when going on a trip, pack our bags with a thought "I'll bring everything I have because you never know what you might need". Believe it or not, this does not apply to a vacation spent on a sailing boat, motor yacht or catamaran. So, to help you make your holidays on a boat as comfortable as possible and prevent the rest of the crew jump over your belongings the whole time, we bring you a few good advice on what to pack for your sailing getaway.


First things first - pack a sunscreen. Don't wait to come to the destination and buy one in a local supermarket, the sun can catch you before you manage to do so, and in only one hour you can end up looking like a lobster. Also, keep in mind that the sun is much stronger when you are at open sea so be sure to bring sunscreen with a high SPF that will protect you well enough. For extra protection pack a big hat and of course sunglasses, to save your eyes and look cool. :-)


Since you'll be spending most of the time on the boat, don't forget to bring few pairs of swimsuits or bikinis, so you don't have to wait for the other one that you've just used to dry out. Regarding the clothes, bring something light and comfortable, preferably white or in any other light color that absorbs less sun and heat. Bring a lot of T-shirts...a lot.

As for shoes, it would be the best to have a pair that has a good grip on wet surfaces, so you'll be able to move more safely on a boat. Also, pack flip flops and your favorite shoes for nighttime in case you'll go out for a dinner or party in the city. Evenings on a boat are always cooler and some days can be windy, so be sure also to pack windbreaker or fleece vest that will help you get warm and protect you from cold weather.


Keep in mind that the Adriatic Sea can sometimes be rough, so don't pretend to be tough - if you can't handle some rocking without nausea. Bring some motion-sickness medication that will eliminate nausea and help you indulge in sailing lifestyle to the fullest. It's also good to pack a box of some essential medicines, just in case you catch a cold or get a headache, and of course, a mosquito repellent, so these boring creatures don't bother you during the night. Charter boats have a first aid kit on board, but it is rather basic and sometimes half emptied; bringing few plasters and sterile bandages is a good idea.

Bring only elementary toiletries - hair shampoo, shower gel and other big and heavy bottles can be bought later on the spot - mini soap bar, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and a pack of wet wipes should be just enough to survive, even if all stores are closed when you arrive.


While you're cruising the Adriatic Sea, you should relax and enjoy in a beautiful environment, but for those of you who simply can't stand being without your favorite gadgets, don't forget to bring a portable charger or an extra battery for your phone or laptop. This way you'll be sure always to have a spare battery, in case you plan to sail for a few days more before coming back to the marina where you can recharge them.

One of the best ways to spend summer evenings on a boat is lying on a deck or in a cabin and reading a good book, while the small waves are gently lapping against the hull, making calming sounds. Remember to bring a book light, so you don't disturb the person sleeping next to you. If you prefer spending time with your crew, don't forget to take a deck of cards or a board game that will keep you entertained for the whole evening.

P.S. Board games without too many small parts (that can be blown away and fall into the sea) are the best ones. For this kind of evening activities, a lantern might be useful because it will ensure you enough light to see everything and help in creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Don't forget to bring your voucher, sailing license, passport, ticket if you're coming by plane, train or bus, and a credit card for security deposit. It would also be good to bring a map with a route that you've planned for your trip, and of course, you'll need some cash in local currency for tourist tax, food, drink and all other additional expenses. It is important to remember that there are no ATMs on some islands, so make sure to bring enough cash with you.

Some of the things that can come in handy on a boat are a small flashlight (so you don't have to wake up the whole crew when coming back after a night out) and basic tool kit (in case you need to fix something quickly).


There are also a few things that would be useful to check with your charter company when booking a boat - check if they rent sports equipment because they probably offer snorkeling equipment, stand up paddle, etc. There is usually an option to pay for some extra towels, and as for bed linen, it is generally included in the price (but it's better to double check it). In some charter companies, you can also rent beach towels, which is excellent because you'll get some extra space in your bag when packing. We all know that music is "the soul" of every good vacation so it would be good to check whether your boat has USB port, CD or only radio. Charter companies can also offer converter/inverter for rent, and it's smart to take it if your gadgets' batteries don't last long.

P.S. Before departure always thoroughly check whether all equipment is on board. Summer times are crazy, charter companies have many guests, so they are often in a hurry and can accidentally forget to put everything on a boat.

Finally, pack the things you use for your daily routine, you might feel lost without them. And just keep in mind; even if you forget something, as long as you're open-minded and in a good company, unforgettable sailing holidays are guaranteed.

EXTRA TIP: Use soft duffel bags instead of hard suitcases, they are easier to store on the boat and take less space. If you do bring a suitcase, consider leaving it in a car (or charter company storage if possible) when emptied.